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I started Little Foot Properties with the aim to provide home buyers with small passive net zero homes.  Using passive home design and solar power generation our homes will participate in the enhanced net metering program to attempt to reduce or zero the energy consumption of the home.  Depending on your energy consumption habits you will have little to no costs for utilities.

While similar to the movement of tiny home living and minimalism, we have put our own spin on things with the design we sourced from Passive Design Solutions - producing something special that we feel bridges the gap between the traditional large minimum building code home and the tiny home concept incorporating passive design and net zero qualities. 

Our passion is to be able to offer an option not presently available in the mainstream housing industry that offers a spectacular living space at a very affordable entry price.  We feel home ownership should empower you financially, not burden you with high monthly living costs for most of your working life.  In addition to this a home should not encourage or inspire consumption and accumulation of materialistic possessions.  It should inspire you to live for what matters, experiencing life, traveling, embracing what really matters.

With the first house completed I'm working on planning for the next one, check back for updates or watch FB and IG.  Thanks for stopping by and may you have peace, love and light in your life, we are all one!

Currently on hiatus as Ship Captain paying the bills until I break ground in Nova Scotia on the next science project in early 2021!